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Market Four Creative is a small, multi-talented creative agency forged and founded out of a passion for creating engaging design. We believe that effective branding requires a comprehensive strategy and skilled execution. By focusing on where brands and customers meet, we can increase consumer interest, retention,and brand recognition for your business.

Our creative team has over 15 collective years of professional experience in developing and increasing brand identity for clients. In that time, we’ve learned the value of developing meaningful and long lasting relationships, maintained through operating with integrity and providing quality work.

Simply put, we’re a small team with a big passion for what we do.

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Image is everything. Without a unique image you don’t stand out. Regardless of the size of your project, we offer a variety of skills and services to help you and your brand excel visually, functionally and creatively to achieve head- turning results, giving you an edge like a Ginsu® knife.


We approach every brand with smart design, bold creativity, and meaningful ideas while never losing sight of your company’s vision. Because a brand is not just a logo, it’s who you are. An effective brand is one that embodies your business and resonates with your target market. We can also work with your existing logos and design elements, and revive them to match your evolving brand.


From conception to completion, we take your ideas and display them on the web in unique, mobile friendly and engaging sites. Your developed site will fit all shapes and sizes, from a widescreen monitor to your handheld device. Socially awkward? We can help with that by connecting you to your community and customers through a wide array of social media sites and services.

The market four
creative process


This stage lays the foundation for your project. We start by listening to you and getting to know your goals. We collect precisely the right information to lay the foundation for your project requirements. Then, we head back to our lab.


Secondly, we research your industry, target audience, market trends and take a detailed look at your project from many different angles, to make sure we are providing you with the right strategy for success.


This is where all the magic happens. We generate ideas, collect feedback, and rinse & repeat until you’ve achieved a healthy glow and are ready to hit the town and show off your new look and turn some heads (or more accurately, appeal to your target market).


Finally, we make any final tweaks and wrap it up with a pretty bow, so to speak. After a round of high fives and chest bumps, we’ll see you back at step one for your next project.


Phone: 406.544.7738